Color & Trim

ALUDEC collaborates in the development processes of products that bear our clients' names.

The Style Center works directly with OEM design areas in the creation of new concepts and acts as a bridge between the latest available technologies and their potential design applications. This enables us to support our clients from the initial idea and investigation to the development of prototypes and first parts.

Industrial processes

ALUDEC masters all the processes involved in the manufacturing of products that reach our clients.

Whether it is serigraphy, plastic injection moulding or chrome plating, there is a constant search for continuous improvement in processes and in the value chain. This fosters knowledge creation and consolidation to respond to our clients' challenges while safeguarding industry quality.

Materials expert

The management of all manufacturing processes also entails the materials to be transformed. Our experience in plastics, steel, aluminium, resins, adhesives and inks provides complementary capacity to production processes.

Regardless of your question, we will analyse your project and tailor an optimised engineering solution to meet your requirements and business objectives.

Quality at every stage

Everyone involved in the production process has the responsibility to review quality with full authority. This continuous quality control strategy has played a crucial role in our success over the years.

The conscious effort to go beyond what is expected has become a guiding principle of our work.